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Hi there! I want to take a minute to say hello and welcome you to The Motivation Mindset.

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself after starting a diet, a project or a workout routine, because you didn’t follow through on your commitment, even though you promised yourself it was going to be different this time?

Have you every wondered why you struggle to accomplish those things and what you can do about it? If you answered yes to those questions, then this site was created for you.

My name is Rich O’Ben, and I’m the founder of The Motivation Mindset. For all my adult life, I’ve struggled with some combination of procrastination, limiting beliefs, low energy, and poor focus. The dozens of personal growth and productivity books, seminars and webinars I read or attended over the years didn’t really help me understand why I struggled with motivation. So I decided to take a different approach, by learning as much as I can about the science of motivation. I also want to share what I learn with you.

My mission is to help you overcome the motivation challenges in your life. To do that, I’ll share with you ways to recognize when and why your brain is sabotaging your motivation, and give you strategies to deal with those situations.

My videos will help you understand the psychological and even physiological reasons that your brain sometimes works against you, even when you genuinely want to build that new habit, learn that new skill, or complete that project.

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I want to help you achieve your goals, in any way I can. Please let me know how I can do that.

If you have a specific challenge that you would like help with, please either leave a comment or reach out to me directly.

You can email me at rich@themotivationmindset.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!